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Seems like people shop with us because our prices are cheap and our service is great.

Over 10 years, we've grown to a medium size of talented IT solution team and manage the digital output and strategies for a broad range of well-known clients mainly in Malaysia. As a result, our work has been appreciated and recognized, but don't worry - we haven't let that go to our heads and we're as committed and enthusiastic about every we take on as we ever were! We rode the boom, dodged the bust and watched it bloom again in earnest.


What do we offer?

Mobile Apps Development

We offer end-to-end strategy and services to address the challenges and opportunities of your business going mobile. We will commit to orchestrate and realize your mobile potential.

Software Development

 We offers development of powerful, one-of-a-kind software. Our skilled specialists focus to meet all the specified requirements while invariably staying within time and budget limits.

Website Design

From concept to creation, we take a big-picture approach to a website’s design – and what traditional, social, or internet marketing strategies can best support the goals of a business.

Pos System Solution

We are offering a POS systems that is affordable and easy to use. In a meantime process sales and accept payments, thus analyze and manage your inventory, staff and customers.

IT Hardware Repair

 Our experience technical team would on site IT support or computer services for any request. Computer technician will diagnose and repair your computer system within our flat rate price scheme.


Who collaborate with us?


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